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  • You pay no lenders fees
  • Appraisal will be reimbursed at closing
  • Title fees covered whenever possible
  • No points or origination fees
  • Lowest Refi Rates

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Free Home Refi is committed to providing consumers with a home mortgage refinance with no closing costs.  We have worked hard with the top lenders across the country to create a unique experience for our customers.  What were we able to accomplish?

No Fees Guarantee

You pay no lenders fees for your home refinance!

  • No Underwriting fee
  • No Processing fee
  • No Funding fee
  • No Miscellaneous fees
  • Lowest Mortgage Rates
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Miscellaneous fees include all fees charged by the lender that are not third party fees. Title fees vary from state to state and will not always be covered in your no cost home refinance. With Free Home Refi you can compare fixed rates from different lenders by getting a free quote above. The cheapest fixed rate may not always be the answer for you.
No Fees Guarantee

Your appraisal is free! Refi with a free appraisal!

  • You pay the appraiser
  • Our lenders refinance your home
  • Appraisal cost is reimbursed
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In some cases an appraisal may not be required.  Payment is made directly to the appraiser.  Appraisal costs are generally $325 - $450 depending on your location.

When you work with Free Home Refi on your home refinance we will connect you with the best lender for your situation. This helps to ensure that your refinancing process is simple and easy.

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Has your adjustable rate mortgage (ARM loan) payment started to increase? You can get into a fixed rate mortgage with no closing cost from Free Home Refi. Don’t let your mortgage payments get out of control.

With Free Home Refi you can lower your monthly payment or reduce your term without paying closing costs. Rates are the lowest that they have been in years and now is a great time to lower the interest rate on your mortgage.

You can use your mortgage as a financial tool. Whether times are tough, you want to add a new room to your house or its time for a family vacation your mortgage can help you get the cash out that you need.


Welcome to, where we provide a new and exciting way to refinance your home. Our primary goals are to reduce closing costs on your home mortgage refinance, eliminate points and fees, find the best home mortgage refinance lender for your situation, and eliminate the overall hassle of home refinance.

We have established relationships with home loan refinance lenders across the country and have resulted in what we believe to be the best home refinance loan experience on the planet. We are committed to providing consumers with a mortgage refinance that has absolutely zero lenders fees - all of our lenders have agreed to waive their lender's fees in exchange for your business. This includes all home refinance fees that would typically be charged to the consumer by a lender - that means no origination fees, no processing fee, no underwriting fee, no funding fee and no miscellaneous fees. You pay no home mortgage refinance fees!

A home mortgage refinance quote from our lenders will always be accurate and competitive. While home refinance rates do change everyday and home refinance quotes are time sensitive, once you receive the final quote from one of our lenders and you lock that rate in, you can sleep easy at night knowing that the rate to refinance your home will not change.

When you work with you will understand the home refinance rates, payments and terms as well as the intricate details that many lenders leave out. There are no hidden fees and the lenders will provide you with a clear outline of their home refinance rates and your home loan refinance so that there is no confusion when you refinance your home.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please look around for more information on home loan refinance; you will not be disappointed!

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